Oblique Garmet Rails

Using Oblique garment rails can open the door to opportunities that did not exist before. By thinking "inside out" you can create possibilities to sell shelving where there were none before. Think of situations that need a system to hang garments or objects on and are not utilizing their space correctly. By using Oblique garment rails and and your shelving you have the opportunity to solve these problems:



  • Law Enforcement - Kevlar Jackets, Utility Belts, Rain Gear, Extra Uniforms

  • Schools / Universities - Uniform Storage (Football, Band etc.), Choir Gowns, Formal Wear

  • Hospitals - Labcoats, Uniforms, Employee Locker Rooms

  • Labs - Labcoats, Uniforms, Employee Locker Rooms

  • Armed Forces - Flight Suits, Hazmat, Military Police, Hospital

  • Fashion District - Garment samples, fabric samples





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